Noble Causes

Otsana is committed to supporting charitable causes aimed at promoting personal and community development.

A fundamental principle we follow is that in every deal we donate to a charity or “noble cause” from a share allocation, that’s at the foundation of our business model. Everyone in our team embraces and subscribes to this commitment.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate by purposefully allocating part of our profits to a noble endeavour.

Recent Examples

Borneo Football International Foundation 
Provides a healthy environment and high quality assistance for children and youth in football training, basic health and nutrition education and school support.
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YUM - Foundation for Noble Work 
Empowering Indonesian lives and communities for over 35 years
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YES Quest International 
An adventure that will change your life
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BCU School 
An innovative educational community in the Palangka Raya district of Central Kalimantan, offering challenging programs of study and a high-quality environment for learning
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Pro Football Training 
Aims to make a positive contribution to the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Lifestyle development of all players.
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