Core Values

Our "Core Values" guide our work to ensure that everyone we touch benefits greatly and grows to become the person they aspire to be.

Our core values guide Otsana team members in meeting and achieving their goals and objectives.


We generously share the value we create. We value generosity, rewarding those involved, giving a lot back, spreading the wealth and we are not driven by greed.

Creating Value

Consistently delivering massive value is of the utmost importance. We always deliver recapitalisation services of exceptional quality that add value to all involved.


We believe trust is paramount. Our employees, customers and investors depend on, rely on, and must be sure that we will meet our commitments. Each of us is truly responsible for our actions and outcomes and owns everything that takes place in our work and our life. We are accountable for our results.


We value a balanced approach to life, remembering that spiritual, social, family and physical aspects are as important as finance and the business. We strive to look after the needs of those involved with us like family.

Self Growth

We recognize people are important. Helping fellow team members and clients grow and develop is a priority.


We encourage people to stand on their own feet, value relationships and strive to build a solid network of entrepreneurial associates.


We are transparent and communicate openly and honestly without taking umbrage.